My Kitchen, My Sanctuary

Moving is not fun. Moving on a hot weekday from a second story apartment with your 73-yr-old dad and his equally aging friend who are both just in a hurry to get the heck out of there is even less fun. It’s sweaty, it’s stressful, your stuff suffers the damage of being thrown down a flight of stairs (no, seriously…), but throughout the days of heavy lifting, cleaning, and stuffing my possessions into old boxes, all I could picture was how serene and beautiful my new home was going to be compared to my last one. It was going to be airy and roomy and have an old farmhouse charm. It would be surrounded with trees and a stream and wildlife galore, and there would be NO screaming children on any side of us. Brendan would have a place to disappear, my girls would have plenty of windows to watch little birds frolicking from, and MOST importantly, I would have my own private sanctuary…

I couldn’t wait. Naturally, the kitchen was the first room I unpacked, and I’ve managed to mostly finalize it while still tripping over boxes to get to my wardrobe. Of course, it may never be “perfect” because I’ll always find things to add or ways to improve it, but as of now, I’m completely, utterly, head-over-heels in love with my kitchen.

A fabulous new feature to my kitchen. In my old apartment, which had thismuch space in the open kitchen, I was able to watch TV while cooking and baking, but I usually used that time to watch my DVR. I don’t have a DVR on this TV, and I have no choice but to watch inspirational things while working in the kitchen, i.e. Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

What’s up Pinterest project?

A shelf for extracts and flavors

A shelf for liquid ingredients and decorating sugars

A shelf for dry ingredients

A cookbook nook (I made that up, but feel free to steal it. It’s quite clever.)

Dining Room hutch where I store my library of books and my pans because a lady should be well-read and well-baked

And well-drunk.

An old cookie tin serves as a place to store foil wrappers for candies, stencils, and other decorating tools-plus it’s kinda cute.

So there it is. My lovely little kitchen. I didn’t take pictures of the gorgeous granite bar, but I will once I start baking again. Speaking of, FINALLY, I’ll get to start baking again this weekend after a month-long hiatus that has made me less-than-friendly and overly anxious (kind of like withdrawal symptoms…). I can’t wait! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written, but I’ll be updating with fun new recipes starting again next week.

With that said, enjoy your weekend, drink your wine, and enjoy the view from my kitchen window.


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