Dessert Mecca

The weekend before last, I traveled to Boston with my mom to attend the New England Dessert Showcase, an event hosted by the Anthem Group to celebrate some of Boston’s most talented culinary professionals. I eagerly awaited this event for months and built it up to be something spectacular in my mind, but sadly, it wasn’t. It was a mediocre event with no published timeline, hordes of people traveling through the booths by way of long lines, and deliciously talented people crammed into a tiny little area. This was what I looked like when it started to get crowded: ūüė¶

However, on the sunny side of things, there were several lovely vendors there, and the room was filled with talent and culinary creativity that absolutely inspired my mind and my taste buds. I attempted to sample EVERYTHING before the crowd got too heavy, and I watched two demonstrations. Check out my photos below, and visit some of these vendors if you’re in the area!

Chocolate Therapy demonstration

Check out Chocolate Therapy¬†in Dedham, MA. They not only treat chocolate like an art form, they attempt to make it therapeutic for your taste buds and your body. The chocolates are filled with rich, healthy ingredients like cinnamon, green tea, and even brown rice. I’m dying to go here on my next trip up to Massachusetts!

BudiBar demonstration

Make your way over to BudiBar to check out snack bars made of natural superfoods that help support focus, concentration, and health.

Cookie & cupcake display from Baker’s Bloom

Who knew cookies could be so sexy?

Baker’s Bloom had to be one of my favorite vendors at the showcase. They had an assortment of decorated cookies in all sizes and shapes, and they were delicious! I sampled a lemon cookie with buttercream icing, and it was light and not super sugary. These cookies make great gifts for bachelorette parties (like the above!), wedding showers, favors, and hundreds of other occasions.

Enjoying a flourless chocolate piece of heaven

I could’ve¬†died happy after eating this cake…and I have no idea which bakery it came from. My apologies to the highly-talented chef-I don’t know who the heck you are, but I loved your cake.

Paris cupcakes from Konditor Meister

French-themed cake display from Konditor Meister

Konditor¬†Meister ¬†is to cakes what Christian Louboutin is to shoes. Okay, not quite, but pretty close. Their cakes are artful and GORGEOUS. I’d heard so many good things about them before coming to the showcase that I was delighted¬†to find that¬†I was immediately drawn to their French-themed display (for those of you are unaware, I’m obsessed with all things Parisian). I sampled a pastry or two, and as it turns out, the quality matches the appearance. I would die to be this talented.

Glorious whoopie pies that came in several flavors!

Another one of my great obsessions-all things whoopie. Who can pass up a whoopie pie? This bakery had them in traditional chocolate, red velvet, chocolate chip, and carrot cake along with a few other flavors. I tried the carrot cake whoopie and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, but again, I walked away without getting the bakery name…notice how that happened each time I couldn’t resist stuffing my face?

I’m feeling truly inspired after seeing and tasting all this creativity, and since it’s nearly officially fall, I think it’s time to start spending some quality time in the kitchen. :-*

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