Q. What is “Winesday”?

A. Winesday, in simple terms, is a weekly event that
includes a delicious dinner, an indulgent dessert, and lots of wine. Sometimes,
depending on the company and the culinary creativity that week, we include an
appetizer and snack to enjoy with the wine while we’re displaying our culinary
prowess. It’s a chance to catch up on each other’s lives, gossip, or watch our
favorite shows and movies together while enjoying some of life’s greatest
little pleasures: food and wine.

Q. How did “Winesday” begin?

A. While living in Florida, I made a terrific group of
friends that began a weekly tradition of watching the final season of LOST
together while piecing together an elaborate meal. I always made dessert, and a
few of the others made dinner and appetizers. There was always wine, and we
always had a great time. We often picked themes for our meals, and I would try
to make a dessert for that theme. For a breakfast theme, I went for Bananas
Foster French toast, for the Italian night, I made orange chocolate cannolis,
and so on. When I moved back to Connecticut, I knew I would miss my friends and
I would miss this tradition. Luckily, my best friend, Amber, loves to be in the
kitchen. She’s a talented cook who jumps at the chance to make new things. Oh
yes, and she loves wine, perhaps more than I do. It was a perfect excuse to get
together on our free nights and create a dinner. This was also more
budget-friendly than going out for dinner and drinks. A few of our other
friends, some culinary-minded, some not, would occasionally join us, and soon,
our dinners were getting a regular spot on our calendars. I stole the name
“Winesday” from my favorite wine-loving ladies of the Today Show, Hoda and
Kathie Lee, and Wednesday seemed like the perfect day to take a break and drink
some wine! Now, Winesday has become our official name for both Wednesday and
any other girly dinner party, and it’s become the envy of several of our long-distance
friends (whom we occasionally plan Winesweekends for!) and even some people we
haven’t seen in years!

So here is to all the girls who grant themselves the time to
indulge in the guilty little pleasures we love, and even those who don’t!


  1. I LOVE this.. in fact every Wednesay is Winesday in our house too!! I just started my blog a few days ago. (* On a wednesday no less*) and that was my beginning post!! I look forward to reading mroe Winesday from yoU!

  2. Winesday! just love it – will be using this word from now on. We definately need our little guilty pleasures.
    Fantastic blog, really enjoyed discovering it – keep up the great work.

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