Happy (Lazy) Winesday!

The time-taker-upper, Charlie.

Hello little blog fans, I just wanted to say hello. I’ve been absent for awhile, and I miss you. I’ve been dogsitting at a friend’s house for the whole week, and between the lack of baking equipment and ingredients (my friend only had yogurt, milk, and packaged, powdered soups in her cupboards…no, seriously), the demand of the pups (there were two, and they were very, very demanding of my attention), and the small window of time I had in between work and dog walks, I haven’t had any time to make desserts. 😦 This also means I have nothing substantial to write about, and I didn’t think you’d want to read about things I haven’t actually made. So my promise to you is that I’ll be baking double-time over the next couple of weeks so I have more yummies to share. Thank you for your patience. Eat (dessert), drink (wine), and be merry (who wouldn’t be if you did the first two)! Happy Winesday, and I’ll be back soon!


  1. Awww, what a cute puppy! How about pictures of your delicious baked goods alongside pictures of cute puppies from this point forward???

    Or would that give an odd message? haha..

    See you at book club!

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