Every Classy Girl Should Treat Herself

This isn’t a post about dessert, but more about treating yourself to something delightful every now and then. As you know, I think wine and dessert are two of the most wonderful indulgences in life, and I think that every classy girl should know what her favorites are of each. Are you more of a rich, sinful dark chocolate vixen or a fluffy French vanilla fox? Are you a bold, spicy red kind of girl or a light and fruity white kind of lady? It’s important to know these things, especially if you’re over 25 (which I’m not…I swear…) because at this point in your life, you should have enough life experience to know your general likes and dislikes. Perhaps your specific preferences for certain fermented grapes will evolve in the next few years, and they will certainly continue to improve throughout your life. So it is with great pleasure that I show off my most recent birthday present to myself from myself…

24 bottles of the Greatest Wine on Earth

I discovered the Greatest Wine on Earth when I was 25 and living as a single girl in South Florida, and my mom came to visit me so we could do a mini road trip around the state. One of our stops was in St Augustine, the country’s oldest continuously inhabited city, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s just south of the Georgia border so it’s filled with people who have a combination of southern hospitality and charm and the laid back Florida attitude. The city walls are bordered by nature preserves and Atlantic beaches, and the city itself sits on the edges of the Matanzas River, which is as turquoise as the ocean. It has a rich, and often tragic, history of British, Spanish, and American rule, and these influences are still present in the design and culture of the city. Several prominent historical tourist attractions, such as the Castillo de San Marcos, the Fountain of Youth, the Old St Johns County Jail, Flagler College, and the Lightner Museum, exist there, and there’s even an inexpensive trolley that you can take from spot to spot. One of these spots included what’s become my favorite winery, the San Sebastian Winery, and it’s these city landmarks that inspire the names and tastes of the wines offered here.

Photo from Yelp.com

The grapes are grown in Clermont, a central Florida town, and the wine is made in St Augustine on the coast. You can take free tours of the winery and do free tastings seven days a week. I’ve been to 18 vineyards in Connecticut, and not one offers a tasting for under $7, let alone a tour. This just adds to reasons why San Sebastian is the Greatest Wine on Earth.

Photo from StAugustineInns.com

On my last trip to Florida last July, I bought 13 bottles to give out as gifts or take home with me (they’re also sold in the grocery stores there), but I’ve been wanting to order bottles to be shipped to my home in CT. However, you can only order by the case (12 bottles), and the shipping is around $25 for each case. I thought $150 was maybe a little too much to spend on myself for 12 bottles of wine that I know I could finish quickly, so I waited. On the weekend of my birthday, the Gods of Wine must have been smiling down on me, because San Sebastian had a “buy one get one” case sale…that’s 24 bottles for the price of 12. Holy Dionysus, I couldn’t resist that. So I treated myself to two cases of the Greatest Wine on Earth, which I’ve described in detail below.

  • Vintner’s Red-unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, it’s a sweet, chilled red wine made mostly of the Muscadine grape and has several berry notes. It’s best with pasta with red sauce, pizza, and barbeque. It can also be used in chocolate recipes and makes an amazing red sangria. It’s, without question, my favorite wine in the world. I’m afraid to open a bottle because I know that will be one less that I’ll have…
  • Vintner’s White-similar in sweetness to the Vintner’s Red, it has a very fruity taste, but it’s made of the Carlos grape. It also makes a delicious sangria, and it’s best served with spicy foods, especially spicy chicken (if you’re into eating that kind of thing).
  • Rosa-a rose wine that blows any other rose wine you’ve ever had out of the water. It’s sweet, but not sugary and artifical like many white zinfandels, and it’s light, but not dry like many rose wines. It’s incredibly smooth and easy to drink.
  • Blanc du Bois-similar to a Sauvignon Blanc, this is a semi-dry white wine with a slightly sweet finish, and it’s great with spicy foods and pastas with cream sauces.
  • Reserva-a slightly drier white wine with just a small hint of oak but a crisp finish. It’s somewhat similar to a chardonnay, and it’s best served with seafood or shellfish.
  • Castillo Red-this is for the occasional full bodied wine cravings I have, but it’s mostly for Brendan, my boyfriend because it goes well with meat. It has a small hint of oak and a spicy little kick to it.

I highly encourage you to stop at the winery if you’re ever in the area of St Augustine, pick up a bottle at Publix if you’re anywhere in Florida, or treat yourself to an entire case through the mail. All of San Sebastian’s wines can be found on their website, SanSebastianWinery.com.


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