Double Holiday Whammy

This is not a post about food…shocking I know. It is, however, about wine, which makes it less shocking, but since it’s the holiday season and everyone scrambles for gifts at the last minute, I wanted to post an idea for gifts that I love. It’s called Cork for a Cause, and it benefits 10 different causes, including my personal favorite, animal rescue. According to the website, each bottle sold “helps provide free mammograms, preserves rain forest, feeds a family in need, rescues animals, helps veterans in need, provides health care for children, and provides emergency relief around the world”. How cool is that?? You can buy a bottle of wine for someone (or yourself) for the holidays and also support their favorite cause. The bottles are $19.99 plus shipping (no tax!), and if you buy 6 bottles or more, shipping is only $.99 a bottle.

A bottle of red wine from Washington state will fund 56 bowls of food for rescue animals? I’m sold. Who are we kidding? I was sold at the mention of the wine; helping the animals is just a bonus 🙂 Happy holidays!


  1. Wine for a grea cause– what a great reason to celebrate!

  2. I purchased 3 bottles and was so excited – was going to gift it to a couple of people. And then I opened a bottle – it was terrible – close to vinegary!!!! I’ll be using it to make Chocolate Cabernet Cookies (yum) so I can still feel good about using the wine and knowing the donation went to a good cause, but still…disappointing. I will not inflict on my friends. 😦

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